Can you replace just the worktop for granite?

You might be asking yourself the question “is it possible to just change the worktops for granite on my existing kitchen?” and the short answer is YES – but there are a few things to bear in mind, and some factors you need to take into account before deciding to replace your current worktop with a granite or quartz one whilst keeping your existing kitchen.

Replacing your laminate worktop for a granite or quartz option is a very effective way of updating, adding a wow factor and also value to your kitchen and property, not to mention the added functionality and durability your giving to the most used room in the home.

So, let’s look at a few of the most important factors we need to consider BEFORE deciding to change worktop material, and whether it is in fact an option – or whether you would better off keeping what you have, or investing the extra time and money to replace the entire or part of the kitchen at the same time.


If your cabinets are unlevel, damaged, or even worse, rotten, then simply swapping the existing for a granite or quartz worktop isn’t a good idea. Any rot in the wood will spread, and the cause of the rot, whether it’s damp or a leak, needs to rectified before you invest any more money and time into the worktop. To invest in the manufacture and installation of what should be a lifetime product onto sub-par cabinetry when it will almost certainly need to be removed and replaced is a big no no!


Most laminate or solid wood worktops will sit around 35-40mm above the top of the cabinets. Most granite worktops are going to be 30mm in height, and most quartz (which exhibits greater tensile strength) just 20mm. This could leave an unfinished gap between your tiles and the worktop. This may not be an issue since most people tend to install a matching upstand around the back of the woktop edge to ensure a waterproof seal against the wall, but the finish above the worktop does need to be taken into account, and any extra finishing work needed to the area considered.


Most kitchen appliances will expire in their ability to function way before your new granite or quartz worktop. If for example, you currently have a freestanding gas cooker in your kitchen, your worktop will need to templated, manufactured and installed around it. If you think you might want to change to an integrated electric oven and separate hob at some point, this would create an issue. It’s a good idea to renew your cooker and other appliances that integrate with your worktop at the same time to ensure future-proofing your kitchen and giving you the most functional design possible.

There are a lot more points to consider when choosing your worktop, such as the current layout of the kitchen, how long you intend to stay in the property, whether any extension is likely in the future, as well as the overall aesthetic of the kitchen and its functionality. To discuss any of these points with our dedicate and expert staff at GoForGranite, get in touch and we’ll be happy to guide you through the next steps.