Care and maintenance of granite and quartz worktops

Every time we install a new solid stone worktop for a customer, we also make sure to provide a comprehensive guide on the care and maintenance methods that will see their new worktop last as long as possible, sometimes even a lifetime!

Below are some free tips for you to refer to that will help keep your worktop in perfect condition:



Granite countertops are surprisingly resilient to stains, however, as a preventative measure, wipe up any spills on the countertops within a reasonable amount of time and do not let liquid sit on the countertop overnight.Granite tends to attract soap scum. Rinse with hot clean water on a regular basis and use a paper towel to dry. Alternatively, to remove stains or dried spills, use a straight razor blade in a gentle scraping motion. Do not use lime removal products, or products that contain ammonia, as this will affect the seal on the stone.


Chips in granite are not a common occurrence. When they do happen, chips are most often caused by banging something into the edge of the countertop. Take care when you handle heavy pots and pans around your granite profiles as these are the most prone to cause chipping. If a chip does occur and you find the piece that chipped out, hold on to it. Most of the time it can be epoxied back into place.



Wipe your quartz worktop with a soft damp cloth or paper towel for routine cleaning. If there is some residue that needs more attention, use a mild cleanser that is chlorine-free and non-abrasive. Continued scrubbing with an abrasive material can eventually wear away and dull the surface of your quartz worktop.

Scrub dried and stubborn spills with a non-abrasive cleaning pad and a surface cleaner ( CIF – yellow bottle).Avoid the use of and exposing the quartz worktop to harsh chemicals and solvents such as paint and nail polish removers, oven cleaners and furniture strippers that contain methylene chloride or trichlorethane. These chemicals can damage the surface of the worktop and discolour the stone.Avoid using products that contain oils and powders that can leave a residue and mar the polish of your quartz worktop.

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